MONOQI is an e-commerce company based in Berlin with over €60k in daily sales across the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the rest of Europe. As a Senior UX / UI Designer I worked very closely with the CPO, product manager, frontend & backend engineers and key stakeholders to make increment improvements based on, feature requests, user data and analytics.

Key Points

• Checkout redesign with reduction in cart abandonment rate ?
• Iterative header and nav redesign over two years
• Designed & spec’d search & refine with reduction in bounce rate
• Introduced Heap Analytics, Fullstory & Bugsnag
• Designed & spec’d refer a friend feature
• Designed & spec’d new marketing homepage
• Liaised with various stakeholders for product requirements
• Data driven approach to feature design
• Worked with Sketch, Overflow, Invision, AE, FS & Heap ?
• Setup post purchase surveys using Typeform
• Designed & spec’d Amazon Pay & Login
• Designed & spec’d various transactional e-mails
• Increased our Google Rating from 2.8 to 4.2 ?

sketch ui mockups

semi-open shop map

Overflow screenshot of modal ux

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